Individual Psychotherapy

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

- Aristotle

In individual therapy the therapist helps you understand yourself and the current events in your life more clearly and more deeply so you can deal with important matters in a better way. You can think things through with an objective therapist who can help you make better decisions, who can offer you other ways of seeing things. When we feel stuck it is because we simply can’t see a way through our difficulties. A trained therapist can companion you through these stuck, difficult times and offer what may be a new road map to guide you.

Our past shapes us and we all are fundamentally influenced by what we learned in our relationship with our parents, what we experienced as they interacted with us, to each other and to our siblings and often how our siblings interacted with us, if we had siblings. In interacting with a therapist the client learns new things about themselves and their world that they did not learn in their families. It’s an opportunity to get a new compass to navigate on a new and different path. We don’t change entirely but we can enlarge ourselves with new ways of seeing and managing things once we have a clearer vision of ourselves and where we need and want to go.

At several stages of life, we must sort out what we feel and want for ourselves and our loved ones. This is very challenging when we do not perceive things clearly. It can feel overwhelming to sort things out alone and take care of our daily ongoing lives. We run the risk of going along in the wrong direction, “off course,” which can lead to great anxiety, numbing depression, disappointing relationships or compulsive addictions.

Entering psychotherapy helps you lean into you conflicted feelings and thoughts so you can work your way through them. In a good therapy you clarify your perceptions of the present by opening up your feelings and sharing them with a nonjudgmental therapist who is interested in companioning you as you search for a better passage through your difficulties, a passage that accesses your true strengths ,talents and resourcefulness.

Therapy takes time, emotional work and is a financial expense. Developing your ability to see things more clearly, free from distorted thinking learned in the past, saves time throughout the rest of your life and can restore you to a truer path which can bring greater personal growth, authenticity and happiness.